Member Benefits

Social Activities – Weekend and school holiday trips provide a social platform for families with a disabled child. They are a great opportunity for the whole family to gain social interaction with other families, which is often not possible when caring for a disabled child. Families have had the opportunity to go on a canal boat trip and bowling, the whole family can access swimming parties, trips to the seaside and visits to the sensory play centres and farms. All activities are regularly featured in our monthly newsletter.

Monthly Newsletter listing our monthly events, news & reviews.

Parent Support Group for Mums & Dads with social get-togethers.

Christmas Activities- we at F.UN like our members to have some FUN at what can sometimes be a very difficult time of year. The activities provided allow all the family to enjoy themselves with other families in similar situations. Our parties are usually attended by over 50 children and is a major success with the inevitable appearance of Father Christmas along side entertainment with a disco and entertainer.

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